Olivia Hassett Completed a Masters of Fine Art Sculpture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2012.  In 2014 she was made inaugural artist in residence/ Adjunct Assistant Professor of the Mechanical and Manufacturing Department, Trinity College Dublin.  Hassett is also artist in residence in the Tallaght University Hospital since 2016.

Recent high profile collaborative exhibitions include an ambitious site specific installation of eight artworks in the trees of Trinity College Dublin in 2017.  This exhibition was the culmination of research undertaken by the Trinity College Trees Team: Olivia Hassett, Professor David TaylorDavid Hackett and Clodagh Dooley and was the main outcome from Trinity College Trees, Making Visible the Invisible project 2016/17, funded by TCD.  

The Trinity College Trees Team of Olivia Hassett, Professor David Taylor,
 David HackettColin ReidConor Buckley and Jeffrey Roe are currently working on another funded project for Trinity College Dublin.  Entitled The Majestic Oregon Maples of Trinity College Dublin it is due to launch in spring 2019.

Hassett's solo exhibitions of note include; Somatic reassemblage and The Process Room, Newbridge Arts Centre, January 2014 and Anamorph, Garter Lane Arts Centre, Waterford, June 2013.

Olivia Hassett was selected to perform a solo artwork in
Livestock, Dublin 2018 and Belfast 2017.  She also performed a series of pieces in response to the Oregon Maple trees as part of the Trinity College Trees project in 2017.  In 2015 she took part in the Bergen Performance Art Festival in Norway.  Other solo performances of note were Between You and Me Part I, II & III, 2014, which were performed in RUA RED, deAppendix and during the Dublin Live Art Festival in MART.

Olivia Hassett was awarded the South Dublin County Council Artists Bursary Award in 2014 to develop her project Art, Science and Medicine 2014/15. Project outcomes included an immersive installation developed for deAppendix entitled In Between and endo | exo - in | animate, an joint collaborative exhibition with Professor David Taylor in the Parsons Building in Trinity College Dublin during September 2015.

During 2014 Hassett completed a three month residency in deAppendix, a hybrid cultural space and doctors surgery.  Residency outcomes not only included the site specific immersive installation entitled In Between but also a solo performance and series of public talks between the artist and Professor Taylor, T.C.D. and Dr. Tina Kinsella, N.C.A.D.

Group exhibitions of note include Standard, 2017 in ArtBox curated by Davey Moore, To Follow the Water, 2016 a funded exhibition on a functioning barge curated by Anne Mullee. Underline, curated by Occupy space, Limerick, June 2014, Penumbra, TACTIC, Cork, February 2014 and Circulation, Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin, August 2013 curated by Paul McAree.

Hassett is currently a member of two collaborative groups: The Trinity College Trees Team with  Professor David Taylor, David Hackett, Colin Reid, Conor Buckley and Jeffrey Roe and BBeyond a improvisational performance group based in Belfast.

She was a founding member of 
pre form, (2013-2104) a collaborative performance group, which was awarded the Dublin City Council's Incubation Space Award in 2013/14 and a supported workspace by RUA RED. Pre form's most notable performances included On the spot in RUA RED, June 7th 2014. Between Us, in the Glass Box, The LAB, Dublin, April 2014 and at Siteation (curated by Unit1) in 2013

Curriculum Vitae


2010-2012 Masters of Fine Art Sculpture, National College of Art and Design, Dublin
1996-1997 Diploma in Advertising Management, Dublin Institute of Technology, Aungier Street
1992-1995 Batchelor of Fine Art Sculpture, National College of Are and Design, Dublin


2015-2017 Trinity College Dublin, Adjunct Assistant Professor/ Artist in Residence
The Solomon Gallery, Dublin – Gallery Assistant

2007-2009 The Fenton Gallery, Cork – Gallery Assistant

Solo Exhibitions

2014 In Between, immersive installation, deAppendix, Dublin. Culmination of a three month residency

2014 Somatic reassemblage, immersive Installation, McKenna Gallery, Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge

2014 The Process Room, mind map of artists pratice, Childrens Gallery, Riverbank Arts Centre, Newbridge

2013 Ananmorph, sculptural Installation, Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford

2013 Biosphere, sculptural Installation, The Project Wall, Rua Red, Dublin

2008 Biosphere, exhibition of drawings, Backwater Artists Group, Cork

2007 Exhibition of sculptures, Dunsland Gardens, Glanmire, Cork

2006 Biomorph, solo Exhibition of sculpture/ works on paper, South Dublin County Council

Solo Performances

2015 Screened -
Feminism and the Body in Performance, curated by Katherine Nolan, MART, June 7th 

2014 Between You and Me, Part I, Gallery 1, RUA RED, part of ON THE SPOT. 7th June Between You and Me, Part II, deAppendix, Dublin, 26th June Between You and Me, Part III, part of What is the Body For?, curated by Katherine Nolan, during the Dublin LIve Art Festival, 27th September 2013 Avenue Art Festival, Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, July 28th

2012 Dublin Live Art Festival, curated by Ciara McKeon and Dominic Thorpe

Culture Night Performance, RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre

Performance I and II, part of NCAD Intern Exhibition, 90 Francis Street, Dublin

Future Exhibitions and Projects:

2015  Solo performance at PAB, Performance Art Festival, Bergan, Norway, September

  Exhibition and solo performance in the Engineering Building, Trinity College Dublin.

Commission of large photographic works for Tallaght Hospital

Group Exhibitions/ Projects

2014 Screened, part of Underline, Occupy Space, Limerick. Group exhibition with Elaine Leader, Seamus McCormack, Janine Davidson, Tanya O'Keeffe and Francis Wasser. Curated by Orlaith Treacy.

Penumbra, TACTIC Gallery, Cork. Group exhibition with Elaine Leader, Seamus McCormack, Janine Davidson, Tanya O'Keeffe and Francis Wasser

2013 Winter show, RUA RED, Dublin. Selected by Grace McEvoy, Paul McAree & Claire McAree

Circulation, Monster Truck Gallery, Dublin. Group exhibition curated by Paul McAree

Beaker, disused building, Mill Street, Dublin. Self initiated group exhibition of 15 artists

Overlap, RUA RED, Dublin. Group exhibition of South Dublin Artists Forum

National Drawing Day, workshop and project initiated with Chloe Brennan and Siobhan Carroll, NCAD Creative Campus Project, RUA RED, Dubin, May 2013

2012 EAT LOVE performative meal for 12 people in Temple Bar Studios. Project by Aine Phillips recipies documentated in booklet, also re-preformed in Manchester as part of Michael Mayhews 12 12 12 for Humanity.

NCAD MFA Exhibition, Steambox, Dublin

Pop up art exhibition: South Dublin Artists Forum, the Square, Dublin

2011 NCAD Exhibition, Science Gallery, Dublin

12 (exhibition of 12 artists work, self-initiated), Basic Space, Slack space, Dublin City

2010 Backwater TWENTY-10, 20 years of Backwater Artists Studios, Crawford Gallery, Cork

The Other Place, Collaborative Project (Olivia Hassett, Maire O'Mahoney, Tanya O'Keeffe and Tony Magner), exhibitions/ video screenings during February in The Other Place, Cork

Living in interesting times, Tom Barrys, Cork

Collaborative Performances

2015 The Personal Rituals of/ for Postmodern Times, collaborative performance in the Ulster Museum, Belfast

2014 ON THE SPOT. Solo and group performances in Gallery 1 at RUA RED arts Centre,  Dublin by members of pre form and Dominic Thorpe, Frances Mezzetti and Sinead O'  Donnell. Between Us pre form performance in Glass Box, the LAB, culmination of incubation award

2013 Culture Night performance pre form, September, RUA RED, Dublin

Beaker - self initiated group exhibition of 15 artist in a disused building, Dublin

Siteation, Dublin, curated by Unit 1, January 29th 

Breathing Ground performance with Tanya O'Keeffe, LAB Gallery, part of the Labour Seminar

Member of Bbeyond, Belfast.  Outdoor collaborative performances ongoing throughout the year 

Group Membership/ Ongoing project involvement

The Art, Science and Medicine Project 2014/15: Funded by the South Dublin County Council.  Outcomes include a three month residency in deAppendix and a site specific immersive installation entitled In / Between in deAppendix, endo / exo in / animate, an exhibition in the Engineering Department, T.C.D., September 2015 and the installation in Tallaght Hospital of a series of large macro photographic work.  Key project collaborators: Professor David Taylor, T.C.D., Dr. Ciara McMahon, deAppendix and Dr. Hilary Moss, Director of the National Centre for Arts and Health, AMNCH.

pre form: six live art practitioners working collaboratively and improvisationally towards live group performances. Recent performances: The Glass Box, The LAB Gallery, Siteation, curated by UNIT1. Beaker, Mill Street, Dublin. ON THE SPOT. and Culture Night 2013 in RUA RED, Dublin.

Members: Olivia Hassett, Ciara McKeon, Alan Delmar, Debbie Guinnane, Alan Magee & Tanya O'Keeffe

Strange Loop: six visual art practitioners working collaboratively towards group exhibitions.   Exhibitions to date include: Underline, Occupy Space, Limerick, June 2014, Penumbra, TACTIC Gallery, Cork, 2014, Beaker, Mill Street, Dublin, 2013, 12, Basic Space, Dublin, 2011.  Beaker, Mill Street, Dublin, 2013.
Members: Olivia Hassett, Elaine Leader, Seamus McCormack, Janine Davidson, Tanya O'Keeffe and Francis Wasser


Nissan Ireland

Solomon Gallery

St. James Hospital

Various private collections

Awards/ Residencies

2014 Artist Bursary Award, South Dublin County Council

2014 Three month residency at deAppendix, Dublin in a working General Practice surgery

2013 deAppendix/ Olivia Hassett residency project short-listed for a Business to Arts Award

2013 pre form awarded the Dublin City Council Incubation Award at the LAB, Dublin

2013/14 pre form offered a sponsored working space in RUA RED, South Dublin Arts Centre

2008 Mentoring award Sculpture Society of Ireland

2004 Sculpture in Context Exhibition-Distinction in Bronze Award

1993 Slogadh Travel and Art Award

Lectures/ Symposia

2015 Public artists talk, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Dept., T.C.D.

2014  Public artists talk with Prof. Taylor/ Dr. Tina Kinsella as part of deAppendix residency

2012 Postgraduate Symposium, National College of Art and Design

2011 Pecha Kucha presentation, Dialogue Arts and Health

2008 Artists Talk, Backwater Studios, Cork

Books/ Articles

2014 Underline, essay written by Aine Phillips in response to the Underline exhibition, Occupy Space, Limerick

2014 Penumbra, essay written by Ann Mullee in response to Penumbra exhibition in the Tactic Gallery Cork

2013 Anamorph, self published book in response to solo exhibition in the Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, July to September 2013

2013 Form(less), essay written by Darren Campion in response to solo exhibition in the Garter Lane Gallery, Waterford, 2013

2012 ...after the fact, article written by Barry Kehoe in response to the NCAD Postgraduate exhibition in Steambox, Dublin 2012

2008 Biomorph, self published book in response to exhibition in Backwater Studios, Cork

Artist Statement

Olivia Hassett's practice is interdisciplinary and frequently collaborative, realised through the development of phenomenological site specific sculptural installations and live performance works. Hassett's hybrid practice reflects her ongoing interest in engaging with and incorporating scientific and medical notions and methodologies into her art works.

The installations and live works created by Hassett draw directly from her preoccupation with metaphorical and phenomenological notions of skin as a porous, liminal boundary between public and private aspects of the human body. Central to Hassett's ongoing exploration of the visceral body and it's propensity to be simultaneously grotesque and sublime is her interest in an expanded notion of skin, beyond that of abjection and binaries; inside / outside, public / private, male / female, hard / soft, but as a threshold that is continuously shifting and morphing. Hassett's practice focuses on developing work that is openly provisional and allows movement back and forth along these edges exploring the unknown and creating a space for transformation.

Occupying a liminal space between active, embodiment and the alleged passivity, of an acquiescent, inanimate, various elements in Hassett's installations go through transformative processes, back and forth across a tenuous threshold, mediated by the artist's performing body/ environmental factors and the liminal nature of the materials used.

Up to the recent past Hassett's core output was the development of phenomenological installations comprising of groups of interconnected sculptural elements resembling disjointed abstracted body parts. Through the inclusion in her installations of certain re- appropriated medical objects and sculptural elements that resemble fragmented views of our corporality Hassett reflects on her interest in scientific and medical representations of the 'medical body'. In imagining a reassembly of the various sculptural elements there was the potential to create something new and possibly outside the constrains imposed on the body by society.

Live works created by Hassett in the past two years were developed in parallel to the sculptural installations. In the last six months Hassett has begun to explore the direct relationships and connections between the artists performing body and the sculptural and installation elements of her practice. Hassett is currently focusing on blurring the boundaries between the various aspects of her practice, amalgamating them together into the creation of a new body of work. 


Text by Darren Campion in response to Anamorph exhibition 2013

Generally speaking, we assume that when bodies function in ways that appear stable or consistent they are in their definitive states. Any deviation can be explained away as not properly belonging to that imagined order. However, our substantial efforts to avoid those chaotic or obscene aspects of bodily experience, presumably real in themselves, must demonstrate a recognition of their wholly elemental nature. Running through the sculpture, installation and performance work of Olivia Hassett is an ambivalent fascination with these similarly excessive dimensions of corporeality, which bleed and ooze from the margins of the body itself, creating a new order, more openly provisional than the last.

This porous quality is evident in – and essential to – the formal presence of the work as well, moving, as it does, between seemingly distinct categories, with installation becoming sculpture, or becoming in turn the scene for a performance. Indeed, this notion of “becoming” is fundamental, in so far as a coherent form is understood only in relation to its potential formlessness. While it might seem contradictory to suggest that these dynamic processes can reliably be shown in the idiom of gallery presentation, it is precisely this constraint that emphasises their excessive effect. The individual works do not represent static positions demonstrating particular effects, then; instead of being merely the image of these abject modes, Hassett is attempting to produce the varied relations that constitute them as an experience and in that sense, the works must be approached on their own terms.

The pieces sprawl, but they are not amorphous; rather the sculptural intent is to channel the tension between those ordered forms and what they become when released from the pressures that have shaped them. In fact, their relatively open structures are as much about the potential for recombination as they are evocative of some lost order. But, given that we don’t really conceive of bodies as distinctly subdivided entities until their recognizable wholeness has been ruptured, there is still a clear (and necessary) undercurrent of violence here, addressing how the fluid contingencies of nature always seek a logic other than those we imagine them to perform.

Darren Campion August 2013 

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