Art, Science and Medicine 2014/15

Funded by the South Dublin County Council

Residency in deAppendix, a cultural space co-located in a doctor's surgery, Dublin.


Ongoing interventions - bandaged door handles heightening the threshold between the public and private areas in the doctors surgery.

In / Between a site specific immersive installation between the reception, hallway and waiting rooms in deAppendix.  Installation included piece inspired by exoskeleton collaborative project with Professor Taylor of Trinity College Dublin.

Between You and Me Part II, solo performance in response to In / Between and it's main sculptural element.  

Public talks between Olivia Hassett and Professor Taylor of TCD and Olivia Hassett and Dr. Tina Kinsella NCAD.

Interdisciplinary collaboration with Professor David Taylor, Trinity College Dublin.

Olivia Hassett's practice explores expanded notions of the human body beyond is skin and societal boundaries.   Through interdisciplinary collaborative projects Hassett aims to open up discussions on how we currently 'experience' our bodies.  

In this project both Taylor and Hassett are specifically interested in exploring the evolutionary 
possibility that humans could be faster/ stronger if they possessed an exoskeleton rather than a fragile skin.

Olivia Hassett was made Adjunct Assistant Professor of Trinity College in 2015.


Project introduced as part of the exhibition The Process Room, a solo show by Hassett in the Riverbank Gallery in Newbridge, 2014.

A piece of work inspired by the collaboration was included in the In / Between installation in deAppendix, 2014

The collaboration was discussed by Hassett and Taylor during a public talk in deAppendix in 2014.

Upcoming Outcomes:

endo / eco in / animate an exhibition introducing the project in the Engineering Building, T.C.D., September 2015.

Professor Taylor will discuss the collaboration during a key note address at the International Conference on the Mechanics of Biomaterial's and Tissues, December 2015.

Tallaght Hospital


Hassett is currently developing a body of large macro photographic works to be installed in Tallaght Hospital in late 2015



pre form
Memebers: Olivia Hassett, Ciara McKeon, Debbie Guinnane, Alan Delmar & Tanya O'Keeffe

Past improvised collaborative group performances:
ON THE SPOT. Rua Red June 7th 2014,  Between Us, Glass Box, LAB Gallery, March 26th 2014, Beaker, Mill St. Dublin 2013, Culture Night @ Rua Red 2013

Group of visual artists

Group members:
Olivia Hassett, Elaine Leader, Seamus McCormack, Janine Davidson, Frank Wasser & Tanya O'Keeffe

Past exhibitions:
Underline, Occupy Space, Limerick, June 2014, Penumbra, TACTIC, Cork 2014, Beaker, Mill Street, 2013, 12 Basic Space, Dublin 2011.


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